Polyethylene foams (crosslinked and non-crosslinked), polyurethane foams (ether and ester) and rubber foams (EVA, EPDM) allow us to manufacture protective and/or presentation packaging for any product. Impursa provides solutions in all phases of packaging development: design, prototype creation, testing and serial production.


We enhance the presentation of your products transforming the best materials, such as cross-linked polyethylene and EVA foam. Sectors: perfume, cosmetics, wine, presentation boxes.

Water cut capacity allows to manufacture without typical deformation produced by die cutting, even in thicknesses above 100mm.


Container packaging . Custom designed foam packaging to fix and protect goods.


Custom foams for Flight and Military Case.


Technical packaging design,test and serial manufacturing. Applications suitable for fragile/high value added products.

Profiles and tubes

Non cross-linked polyethilene foam profiles and tubes. Extensive catalogue available.