Combining foamed materials and textile fibers with a wide range of adhesives, we produce all types of parts: soundproofing, anti-vibration joints, gaskets, anti-slip, etc. Always complying with technical specifications in automotive sector.


Textile fibers and foamed materials wide application range for construction sector: false ceilings soundproofing, pyramid or alveolar polyurethane foam, thermal foam tubes, foam insulation rolls, foam tapes, antivibration parts...


Polyethylene foams (crosslinked and non-crosslinked), polyurethane foams (ether and ester) and rubber foams (EVA, EPDM) allow us to manufacture protective and/or presentation packaging for any product. Impursa provides solutions in all phases of packaging development: design, prototype creation, testing and serial production.


We manufacture and supply high performance technical foams for: paddle rackets, yoga and camping mats, self-adjustable gym floors, tatamis, foam targets.


Technical foams can be used to manufacture air and liquid filters, anti-vibration or sealing gaskets, applicators, pipes thermal insulation, crash barriers supports protections, sports facilities protections, etc.