We manufacture and supply high performance technical foams for: paddle rackets, yoga and camping mats, self-adjustable gym floors, tatamis, foam targets.

Paddle rackets

Deep knowledge of paddle racket foams. Impursa works with main manufacturers in and outside Spain.

Camping mat

Camping mats in different sizes. Aluminium sided available.

Gym floors

Self-adjustable floor for gyms, intended for the specific practice of martial arts; valid for sports practice in general.

Recycled polyurethane foam used for Tatami´s padding, in different densities.

Archery: Targets

We manufacture foam targets, with interchangeable center, in polyethylene foam specifically designed for archery. Our material is durable, recovers and stops the arrows effectively, so is commonly used by Clubs and Federations.

Archery: Layered foam

Layered Foam, designed to perfectly fit on stand´s target.